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The top-rated lawyers at our Rockville-based law firm proudly represent the blue-collar people of Hagerstown, MD, in personal injury cases.

If you or a loved one was harmed as a result of another individual's negligence, reach out for our help. 

Our personal injury attorneys will begin your case with a free consultation and do everything in our power to secure the compensation you deserve.

Personal Injury Compensation Comes in Many Forms

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It is totally normal to be unfamiliar with the ins and outs of personal injury law. Our attorneys are here to answer all questions for you. Oftentimes, we find that our Maryland neighbors who have suffered injuries are unaware of just how many forms of compensation exist in wrongful death and personal injury claims. When our personal injury lawyers take on a case, we seek compensation on behalf of our clients for:

  • Diminished future earnings
  • Loss of companionship
  • Loss of life
  • Lost earnings of the deceased
  • Lost wages
  • Medical bills
  • Physical pain and emotional distress
  • Property damage

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Cindy Herrera

Rockville, MD


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I was highly recommended to this law firm by a friend and they sure did not disappoint. Handled my case very well and efficiently, highly recommend this place, staff was courteous and answered all my questions and concerns.

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Nyiah Stocks

Rockville, MD


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Attorney Elnur Veliev & Esly were incredible... The communication as well as the outcome was outstanding! Thank you so much for helping us !

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Maryland Places Few Limits On Personal Injury Compensation

Many states place caps on the potential compensation a victim can receive, regardless of how grievous their injuries are. Thankfully for our clients, Maryland law imposes few restrictions. 

While noneconomic damages like mental anguish and emotional distress do have a cap, this limit is approximately $1 million in personal injury claims and even higher for wrongful death lawsuits. Meanwhile, economic damages like medical bills and diminished future earnings have no cap whatsoever. 

Economic and noneconomic damages are the two forms of compensation most commonly awarded. While rare, our personal injury lawyers can also seek punitive damages in cases where an individual acted in an especially egregious and dangerous manner, like driving drunk. Just like economic damages, Maryland does not limit punitive damages.

Maryland Law Requires Lawyers Who Can Establish 100% Fault

Hagerstown car accident victim exiting vehicle

The vast majority of American states operate under some form of comparative negligence, allowing victims to receive compensation even if they contributed to their accident. Maryland and Virginia are among the only four states that disallow this, as both states' legal systems utilize the pure contributory negligence legal framework when adjudicating personal injury cases.

Under our system of personal injury law, a victim cannot receive a dime of compensation if they are even 1% responsible for their accident. For example, if a defense attorney's client caused the majority of a truck accident by speeding but the plaintiff is shown to have been making an unsafe turn at the time of impact, the plaintiff may recover nothing.

This makes it critically important that Maryland victims of car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, and any other personal injury–causing incident retain proven attorneys who have demonstrated their ability to win complex cases.

Why Hagerstown Heads to Us

Impressive Results

The impressive verdicts and settlements consistently obtained by our personal injury attorneys speak for themselves. Just within the realm of car accident cases, we have collected six-figure compensation across a variety of complex lawsuits. This includes multiple $125k settlements as well as a jury verdict of almost $250k, proving our ability to win at trial and in litigation.

Cohesive Team

Many law firms struggle with significant turnover, as lawyers, paralegals, and other support staff flee for greener pastures. Greenblatt & Veliev does not. The vast majority of our team has been together for years, giving us a high level of teamwork that helps us win cases. Collectively, our attorneys have been handling personal injury claims for more than 65 years, giving us invaluable knowledge we draw upon to win.

Prestigious Honors

The partners at our firm, Lonnie M. Greenblatt and Elnur Veliev, have each earned top rankings from Super Lawyers® – a prestigious attorney evaluator that bestows its honors through the use of a patented 12-step ranking system. Every year, only 5% of lawyers statewide can be named a Super Lawyer. Mr. Greenblatt has earned this honor annually since 2020. The Rising Star designation, reserved for younger attorneys, was earned five years in a row by Mr. Veliev.

Hurt in Hagerstown? Get Our Help For Free

We begin every personal injury claim with a free consultation at our Rockville, MD, office. If we take on your case, we will do so on a contingency arrangement. This means we assume the costs of pursuing your lawsuit and will only get paid by taking a percentage of any verdict or settlement we obtain. If we don’t win, you will owe us absolutely nothing.

To further accommodate the vibrant community of Hagerstown, MD, our law firm includes several multilingual personal injury lawyers and support staff. Our professionals fluently speak Azerbaijani, Russian, Spanish, and Polish, allowing us to create trusting attorney-client relationships founded on honest communication.

Greenblatt & Veliev Team

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Johnnie Horner

Rockville, MD


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Excellent in their knowledge and honesty throughout whole process. They really make you feel like family while working in your best interest. Great staff all around. I can’t say how glad I am to have chosen this firm to handle my case... Their integrity and professionalism is outstanding! Thanks again for all y’all hard work and fighting for my case to get the results needed.

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Cora McLeod

Rockville, MD


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Thank you so much! I worked with Lonnie and the team on my personal injury case! I was injured in a restaurant in Jan 2023 and they worked diligently to ensure that I got the best deal and settlement payout by the end of Oct 2023. They will not disappoint!

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We Handle Many Types  of Personal Injury Claims

Many personal injury claims fall under the category of either auto accident or medical malpractice claims. Our personal injury attorneys effectively handle plenty of these, as made clear by the verdicts and settlements described higher on this page. We also take on the following personal injury cases and more:

Dog Bites

As dog ownership rose during the COVID-19 pandemic, many individuals in Hagerstown became responsible for pets that they failed to properly train. This has tragically led to a spate of debilitating dog attacks

Our personal injury attorneys have already found success for dog bite victims, as evidenced by the $125k settlement we obtained for a client wounded by a Rottweiler in Prince George’s County. To win this case, our personal injury attorneys revealed that Animal Control had already received several complaints regarding the dog, proving the liable owner was aware of their animal’s dangerous pattern of behavior.

Leash and collar on a park bench


If you or a loved one has been victimized by a drunk driver, you may be solely focused on helping deliver justice by testifying against the reckless motorist during criminal proceedings. While that is a noble goal, you should also be aware that a criminal driver can simultaneously be sued in civil court to seek compensation for the victim's losses. 

Our attorneys aggressively pursue DWI personal injury cases to help victims recover. This is one of the rare claim types that may also result in lucrative punitive damages.

Puddle of water on the floor

Slip and Falls

Following a slip and fall, it can be confusing to know who, if anyone, is liable for your damages. As Hagerstown is full of supermarkets, apartment complexes, and other landlord-owned properties where slip and falls occur, our personal injury attorneys have developed in-depth knowledge of how to win these claims that includes identifying the liable party and proving our clients were owed a duty of care as legal invitees.

Personal Injury Deadlines Come Quick

Statute of limitations laws restrict the amount of time victims have to file lawsuits. If you miss your deadline, your window to obtain the compensation you and your family deserve will close. 

Our state provides victims with three years from the date of their accident to file a personal injury claim and three years from the date of a loved one’s passing to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

While this may seem like a long time, the years can pass quickly when you are focused on recovering from your physical, financial, and emotional harm. It is wise to start your case as soon as possible to avoid deadline issues and allow our personal injury attorneys to start collecting evidence while it is still fresh.

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Hagerstown, MD Trusts Our Personal Injury Lawyers


Peter Daubert

Rockville, MD


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Handled my personal injury case very well, they were able to get me more than expected. Very professional and made it easy for me.

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Bryan Aguilar

Rockville, MD


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Buen servicio y muy buena comunicación me mantuvieron informado de cada proceso de mi caso asta lograr lo mejor “karina” estuvo al pendiente de todo hacen un buen equipo

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Tips For Talking to Insurance

The number one piece of advice our personal injury lawyers have for talking to insurance company representatives is don't. These people are not on your side. They often pressure victims into accepting lowball settlement offers that don't truly cover the full extent of losses. They also frequently seek statements they can take out of context to minimize or even fully deny personal injury claims. 

If you are contacted by an in insurance company representative, it is wise to do the following:

  • Remain polite as you identify who you are speaking with
  • Refuse all pressure to settle your claim while providing no details about your accident
  • Tell them you would like no further contact whatsoever and that you are directing all future communication to our personal injury lawyers.

More Ways to Help Yourself

There are a couple of other key actions you can take to protect yourself throughout your auto accident, medical malpractice, or slip and fall case.

See a Doctor ASAP

Injuries stemming from car accidents, motorcycle accidents, and slip and falls may be slow to fully develop. Seeing a doctor as soon as you can may result in them diagnosing and treating injuries you are not yet aware of. It also creates key medical records our team can use to build your personal injury case. Failing to attend any doctor's appointment may be construed as evidence that you were not really harmed in your incident.

Save All Evidence

Oftentimes, clients have photos, videos, or other documentation that can help our personal injury lawyers build the most airtight case possible. Tragically, these pieces of evidence are sometimes lost as phones and computers are misplaced or destroyed. It is highly recommended that you duplicate all evidence on multiple devices and email copies to yourself to ensure you always have access to whatever you need.

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