Auto Accident Lawyer

At Greenblatt & Veliev, LLC, we specialize in personal injury cases including motor vehicle accidents in and around Rockville, MD. If you or someone you care for has been injured in a car crash or as a pedestrian or is dealing with the aftermath of a fatal auto collision, we want to get you the help and compensation you deserve, through a fair settlement or court representation. Let us put over six decades of personal injury lawsuit expertise to work for you.

It doesn’t matter what type of accident led to your injuries. We are here 24/7 to fight for you.

Car Accidents

Many of us head up to Baltimore or down to DC regularly commuting for work, shopping, or vacations. Dealing with these busy roads all day and in all types of weather makes automobile accidents almost inevitable. Even if you’re the safest driver out there, you can’t control the traffic around you. In an instant, you can be dealing with car damages and injuries or a fatality due to the negligent driving of others. When tragedy strikes, we’re here to help you with all types of car wreck lawsuits.

  • Sedans, Coupes & Luxury Cars
  • SUVs & Passenger Vans
  • Pickup Trucks

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Motorcycle Accidents

Whether you were the one on the motorcycle or it was a motorcycle driver who caused your wreck, the results can be devastating for everyone involved. In Maryland, we have very strict at-fault laws. You may be surprised when you file what seems to be a very clear-cut motorcycle accident claim only to find that the other party is accusing you of being partially at fault. Don’t get caught off guard. Get legal representation.

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Commercial & Work Vehicle Accidents

Maybe your injuries happened while driving on the job. Commuting in a company car, traveling for work, operating a semi, or making deliveries all require you to brave our busy Maryland traffic. According to MDOT, we have close to 116,000 auto accidents a year involving almost 50,000 injuries. If you’ve been injured while driving for work, protect yourself and your livelihood. Hire a personal injury attorney to prepare your lawsuit for settlement or court.

  • Business Cars & Commercial Fleet Vehicles
  • Semis, Big Rigs & Tractor Trailers
  • Work Trucks & Pickups
  • Forklift & Other Construction Vehicles
  • Delivery Vans

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Truck Accident Lawyer

If you have been injured in a truck crash in Maryland, DC, Virginia, or Pennsylvania, Greenblatt & Veliev, LLC can help. The trauma a serious accident like this can cause is often lifelong. Don’t wait to seek help from our skilled and reputable personal injury attorneys.

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Bicycle & Pedestrian Accidents

From Aberdeen Local to Wyngate Woods, there is so much beauty in Montgomery County alone. No wonder many of us prefer to ride or walk as transportation, for fitness, or just to enjoy the great outdoors. Unfortunately, weather conditions, blind spots, distracted driving, and human unpredictability can result in bicycle accidents and pedestrian injuries.

No helmet is a match for 1.4 tons of steel, the weight of an average car on the road today. Whether you’ve been hit while walking, running, or cycling, or you believe a pedestrian caused your crash, it’s important to get legal advice from a local personal injury lawyer before agreeing on a settlement or going to court.

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Bus Accident Lawyer

If you’ve been hurt while traveling on mass transit in Maryland, your Greenblatt & Veliev, LLC bus collision lawyer can help. We are located in Rockville, but help injured victims throughout Maryland, DC, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. We understand how catastrophic these types of injuries can be, along with the long-term impact they can have.

Get the expertise you need to file a claim for bus crash or metro accident injuries. We want to help you win your case and get the justice you deserve.

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Uber & Lyft Accident Attorney

The apps that drive these rideshare services encourage drivers to compete, which leads to your driver being distracted by in-app notifications for chances to accept more rides at peak times or by confusing in-app navigation directions.

While most drivers are very safe, you may be paired with a driver with a record for violence, is distracted, stressed, or someone who doesn’t know your area well. Let us get to the bottom of your case and hold at-fault parties responsible for your injuries.

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Do I Really Need An Attorney?

Insurance company resistance, pain, medicals bills, missed work — it can feel like it’s all adding up. You don’t have to deal with motor vehicle crashes and collisions alone or put off care for car crash injuries. We will fight for the best outcome of your case, whether that means a fair settlement or representing your lawsuit in court.

Our help can start as soon as we hear from you.

  • Get the medical care you need now and as long as you need it.
  • Make well-informed decisions about your case.
  • Reduce stress and avoid costly missteps.
  • Get help dealing with insurance companies.
  • Keep important legal deadlines from passing you by.

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