Who pays for damages caused by a car crash?

You do not have control over an accident; anything could happen out on the road. However, you could have some control over what happens after a car crash. Specifically, you could try to make sure that the responsible parties cover your expenses. There are many people or organizations you might approach to handle your bills and expenses in accordance with Maryland law.

In most cases, your insurance company would be the best place to start looking for some reimbursements. According to the Insurance Information Institute, your policy might even cover a rental car in the event that your vehicle is unfit for driving.

Few insurance companies go out of their way to suggest benefits you might collect. This is one reason it is essential to review your policy in detail when you get into an accident. There could be time limits on certain reports, guidelines regarding interactions with claims agents or other rules and regulations. Of course, you would also want to keep in mind that your insurer has little to no ethical obligation to work in your best interest and approach any offers with caution.

Aside from the initial problems — injuries, stress and so on — you are likely to have ongoing concerns regarding your accident. You may have to keep current on legal matters and communicate with your insurance company, for example. To make sure that you are doing everything you can to simplify this process, it is instrumental that you act only on the facts of your specific case and not on any generalities. With this in mind, please do not regard this as legal advice. It is meant only to educate.