What are the risks of a swimming pool?

Warm weather means spending a lot of time in the water. Whether you have a backyard pool or visit the local one, this favorite summer pastime comes with many dangers. Water safety cannot be stressed enough, especially with younger children, but drowning is only one of the risks that come with swimming pool use. It is the other dangers that you and other parents in Maryland may not be aware of that could pose the most risk.

According to Medical Daily, swimming pool dangers include the risks of contracting something from the water. One of the biggest issues is fecal matter and urine that is commonly found when public pools are tested. This can expose you to many different diseases and the chemical treatment of the water may not kill them all before they invade your body. For example, Legionnaires’ disease is caused by inhaling bacteria into the lungs.

You may also be at risk for athlete’s foot and swimmer’s ear. Both conditions, while not life-threatening, can be terrible to experience. The chemicals used can also aggravate asthma and have been linked to cancer.

While these things may be disturbing, you can minimize your risks by being a smarter swimmer. Always keep an eye on children to prevent drowning risks. Swim in pools where you know the chemicals are properly balanced, and if you notice someone using the bathroom in the pool, immediately get out. If possible, swim at home or in pools of friends or family who you can discuss pool maintenance with. This information is for education and is not legal advice.