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If you or a loved one has been injured on the job, the construction accident attorneys at Greenblatt & Veliev, LLC in Rockville, Maryland, want to help you receive full and fair compensation. Your rights to damages may not have to end with workers’ compensation. We can represent your third-party claim for any number of construction site injuries and work-related accidents.

Hurt at work? We can help you build a strong case and fight for justice.

  • Construction Workers
  • Inspectors & Surveyors
  • Plumbers & Pipe Fitters
  • Flooring Installers
  • Electricians
  • Civil Engineers
  • Masons
  • Roofers
  • Concrete Finishers
  • Ironworkers
  • Crane Operators
  • Carpenters
  • Painters

The Most Common Construction Accidents

According to OSHA, about 20% of all worker fatalities in 2019 were in construction – accounting for one in five worker deaths for the year. Also, Maryland Department of Labor, the building industry had the largest number of fatalities in Maryland in 2019.

Whether you are an electrician, plumber, inspector, or roofer, – you are not alone if you’ve experienced a job-site accident. A construction injury attorney can make sure you never feel alone as you fight for your rights and compensation.

  • Building Collapse
  • Fire, Explosion & Caustic Chemicals
  • Car & Traffic Accidents
  • Crane Accidents
  • Falling Objects
  • Falls From Heights
  • Faulty Or Defective Machinery
  • Forklift & Bulldozer Accidents
  • Ladder Falls
  • Lead Exposure
  • Scaffold Collapses
  • Trenching & Excavation Accidents
  • Trip & Falls Over Unsecured Debris

Photo of a construction worker moving a piece of tilt up concrete.

Types Of Construction Site Injuries

Construction site deaths aren’t the only type of injuries our personal injury lawyers can help you with. From falls to eye damage to spinal cord injuries – so much can go wrong. We want to help you make it right again, so you can move on with your life without the fear of what’s next.

  • Amputation Or Paralysis
  • Brain Injuries & Head Trauma
  • Broken Bones
  • Burns & Electrocution
  • Crush Injuries
  • Eye Injuries
  • Hearing Impairment
  • Lacerations & Cuts
  • Nerve Damage
  • Overexertion Injuries
  • Permanent Scarring
  • Respiratory Illness
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Sprains, Strains & Repetitive Motion Injuries
  • Wrongful Death

What To Do After A Construction Accident

Maryland protects construction workers by ensuring you are eligible for workers’ compensation if you are hurt on the job. Immediately after an  accident, there are three main steps you should take.

  1. Get Immediate Medical Attention
  2. Inform Your Employer
  3. File A Worker’s Compensation Claim

Construction Accident Claims In Maryland

In addition to the medical fees, lost wages, and vocational rehabilitation covered by workers’ compensation, you may be entitled to other damages. If a person who is not your employer or faulty equipment is to blame, we can help you file a personal injury claim.

If you are a member of the public or other pedestrian who happens to be injured at a construction site, we can also help you determine your rights and file a claim for damages.

  • Non-Economic Damages: Pain & Suffering, Inconvenience
  • Economic Damages: Loss Of Earning Potential, Uncovered Medical Expenses
  • Prevent Unfounded At-Fault Claims Against You

How Can Construction Workers Protect Their Rights?

If you are found even 1% at fault in your accident, you can be barred from obtaining compensation under Maryland’s contributory negligence laws. So it’s crucial to have legal representation on your side. By hiring a construction accident attorney, you can address any pushback you get from employers or workers’ compensation on your claims.

We can also dive deep to uncover where the negligence lies (equipment manufacturers, subcontractors, property owners, vehicle drivers, etc.) and pursue those parties for damages.

Contact Our Maryland Construction Accident Attorneys

Make sure you get full compensation for construction worksite injuries. Contact us at Greenblatt & Veliev, LLC in Rockville, Maryland, to schedule a free case evaluation.

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