How Common Are Construction Accidents? By Lonnie Greenblatt on August 02, 2022

At Greenblatt & Veliev, LLC, we know that construction accidents are prevalent. According to OSHA, they account for about 1 in 5 workplace deaths in the US. This amounted to around three daily fatalities, 1,061 in 2019 and 1,008 in 2020. In addition, there were close to 200,000 construction injuries reported in 2020, but about a quarter of construction workers admit to not reporting workplace injuries.

OSHA’s “Fatal Four”

Because most construction hazards fall under four main categories, The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has developed initiatives to train employers and employees about these “Fatal Four,” "Fatal 4," or “Focus Four.”

  1. Fall Injuries
  2. Electrocution
  3. Getting Crushed By Machinery Or Caught In Equipment
  4. Being Struck By An Object

1. On-The-Job Fall Injuries

Falls are the leading cause of workplace death among the Fatal Four, accounting for nearly 40% of workplace injuries and 800 deaths in 2020. On a construction site, you can accidentally fall from a ladder, scaffolding, elevated platform, or even into holes.

2. Electrocution Accidents

Inspecting, repairing, or working around live electricity puts you at risk. Electrocution accidents accounted for 9% of work-related fatalities and 126 deaths in 2020.

3. Getting Crushed By Machinery Or Caught In Equipment

Caught in-between hazards accounted for 142, or 2% of workplace deaths in 2020. These construction accidents involve being squeezed, caught, crushed, or pinched between pieces of equipment or machinery.

4. Being Struck By An Object On The Job

According to OSHA, construction workers, more than any other occupation, account for most struck by vehicle deaths.

Almost 500 struck-by-fatalities occurred in the construction industry in 2020. In addition to being struck by machinery or moving parts, you can be injured by swinging, falling, or dropped objects and loads.

Common Construction Safety Incidents

Beyond these four primary categories, ten specific violations are found over and over during safety inspections on construction sites. As of 2021, these are the ten most frequently cited work safety violations, with half explicitly occurring in the construction industry.

  1. Fall Protection
  2. Respiratory Protection
  3. Ladders
  4. Hazard Communication
  5. Scaffolding
  6. Fall Protection Training
  7. Control Of Hazardous Energy
  8. Eye & Face Protection
  9. Powered Industrial Trucks
  10. Machinery & Machine Guarding

How Construction Workers Are Getting Hurt

Falling objects, blind spots, insufficient safety gear, and malfunctioning equipment can all create a hazardous work environment. Whether you are permanently or temporarily injured or have lost a loved one in a fatal accident, our attorneys can help you get compensation and justice.

  • Broken Bones
  • Amputation
  • Blunt Force Trauma
  • Back & Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Burns - Fire, Chemical & Electrical
  • Chemical Exposure Illnesses
  • Brain & Head Injuries
  • Eye Injury & Vision Damage
  • Hearing Injuries Or Hearing Loss
  • Respiratory Issues
  • Wrongful Death

What To Do If You’re Injured On A Construction Site

If you’re hurt while working at a construction site, you can take steps to protect your claim and your health. Here are five steps to help you get the help you need, physically and legally.

  1. Take a quick stock of your injuries. If you suspect you have hurt your back or head, don’t move.
  2. Get medical help as soon as possible. Call an ambulance or find out who can take you to the hospital.
  3. Notice who is nearby and who may have witnessed the accident. Take pictures of your injuries and the general scene overall, especially of the cause of the accident. Ask a friend or co-worker to do it for you if you can't.
  4. Let your manager or supervisor know what happened in a simple, straightforward way.
  5. Call a construction accident attorney. Get in touch with us as soon as possible to protect yourself and your case.

Hurt At Work? Contact Our Maryland Construction Accident Attorneys

Our construction accident attorneys at Greenblatt & Veliev, LLC offer free case evaluations for work-related personal injuries. Contact us today for legal advice about your claim and compensation for lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering. We look forward to fighting for you.

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