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The Rockville, MD products liability lawyers at Greenblatt & Veliev, LLC want to help you hold responsible manufacturers and distributors accountable for negligence and get you the damages you’re entitled to. We rely on companies to vet the medications, car parts, machines, and household items they sell. When this over-site is neglected, and you get hurt, it’s important to have a team behind you that knows the laws and how to put them to work for you.

  • Malfunctioning Products Liability Settlements
  • Products Liability Court Cases
  • Class Action Lawsuits

Dangerous & Defective Products

When you buckle your child into a car seat, take a prescription medication, or turn on a saw at work, you are putting the health and safety of yourself or your loved one in the hands of the companies who created these everyday items. Unfortunately, cutting corners, neglected oversight along the production chain, and failure to label these items truthfully can result in injury or death.

  • Car Seats, Cribs, Toys & Strollers
  • Construction Equipment & Power Tools
  • Heavy Machinery, Cars & Car Parts
  • Household Appliance & Electronics
  • Medical Implants & Medications
  • Foods & Supplements

Harmful Device, Drug & Parts Defects

  • Defective Design
  • Manufacturing Defects
  • False Or Misrepresented Advertising
  • Failure To Warn About Risks & Dangers

Proving Your Defective Product Claim

Proving a malfunctioning product is the cause of your injuries may seem simple. In actuality, you may have to prove you were the one using the item, that you were using it correctly, and that it was a failure in the item that caused your injury. After listening to your experience, your products liability attorney will be able to tell you whether you will have to prove negligence or strict liability and the steps they’ll take to fight for you either way.

  • Negligence — the manufacturer or distributor neglected to protect consumers. Your Maryland products liability lawyer with work to prove this neglect and show how it hurt you or a loved one.
  • Strict Liability — you can show obvious injuries as a result of product defects. There’s no need to prove negligence.

How Have Malfunctioning Products Hurt You?

Malfunctioning products can cause so much more damage than losing the money invested in an item that doesn’t work. Fires, car accidents, disease, amputations, loss of life — suffering can go on for years or even a lifetime. In wrongful death, many more people than the one who was physically injured can be affected.

Our personal injury practice specializes in building product liability cases that present and prove the big picture, so you can be compensated in all the ways you are eligible.

Types Of Compensation To Consider

  • Pain & Suffering
  • Medical Expenses
  • Loss Of Earning Capacity
  • Mental Anguish
  • Disfigurement
  • Physical Injuries
  • Property Damages
  • Wrongful Death
  • Loss Of Consortium

How Our Product Liability Attorneys Can Help

You don’t have to know the ins and outs of personal injury and product liability law to get help filing your claim, building your case, or seeking fair and just compensation. Our experienced product liability lawyers know where to look for answers and how to uncover who’s responsible for your injuries. We will guide you through every step of your case and keep you informed along the way.

  • Build a strong product liability case.
  • Show the defect was uncovered legally through proper use.
  • Determine which companies or manufacturers to file claims against.
  • Build strong legal arguments on your behalf and gather supporting evidence.
  • Recover any and all compensation.

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