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Our lawyers understand the impact a dog attack or animal bite injury can have on the full lifestyles of our clients. Our attorneys care about helping victims and their families move forward after an animal attack.

We look for the resources to cover medical expenses and provide other compensation, including homeowners’ insurance policies or other sources that will provide adequate compensation to cover the damages tied to a dog or other animal attack.

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Can I hold the landlord responsible if a tenant’s dog bites me?

Sometimes. The rules are different depending on the state and the particular facts of the case. A landlord’s liability may depend on several factors, including whether the landlord knew that the tenant was keeping a dangerous dog on the property and whether the landlord had the power to do anything about it. A landlord may not be liable if they didn’t know about the dog at all, or had no reason to believe that the dog was dangerous. You will need the help of an experienced law firm such as ours to determine the best way to obtain compensation in your case.

How Much Compensation Can I Get?

In any personal injury case, there are two main sources of compensation:

1) “Economic damages” such as medical expenses; and
2) “Non-economic damages” such as your pain and suffering.

Both sources of compensation are generally higher for more serious injuries, because they are usually more painful and require more advanced medical treatment.

In dog bite cases especially, the victim often ends up with long-lasting or even permanent scars. Although the scars themselves may not cause any pain or disability, they can still count toward your total compensation. The judge or jury will consider the physical and emotional consequences of your scars and the negative impact they can have on your life. The amount of compensation awarded for scarring often depends on the age of the victim, the location of the scars, and the size of the scars. A young person with large facial scars is likely to get more compensation than an elderly person with small scars on their legs. The reasoning is that the younger person will face more serious and longer-lasting consequences from the damage to their appearance.

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