Why seniors are more prone to falling

As a senior living in Maryland, you face elevated fall risks that make you more likely than those in the general population to fall and suffer a serious injury. As you age, you become increasingly prone to falling, and there are numerous factors that contribute to this rise. At Greenblatt & Veliev, LLC, we recognize that seniors often face heightened fall risks, and we have helped many people who suffered injury because of someone else’s negligence pursue appropriate recourse.

According to AgingCare.com, one of the primary factors that make today’s seniors more at risk for slip-and-fall accidents is an overall decline in their levels of physical fitness. Most people tend to slow down over time in terms of physical activity, but this can lead to a decline in muscle and bone mass and diminished flexibility – all of which can make you more likely to fall.

Your body tends to break down in many other ways, too, as you grow older. Your vision typically deteriorates over time, which can make it harder for you to spot obstructions in store aisles, ice on sidewalks, cluttered stairways and other potential environmental hazards. You are also more likely to have certain major surgeries as you age, such as hip replacement procedures, and you are more likely to fall and injure yourself as you recover from such treatments.

If you, like many other seniors, also take one or more prescription medications, know that this, too, can enhance your chance of having a slip-and-fall accident. Some medications can make you dizzy or drowsy, increasing your fall risk, and some medications, when mixed, can make you exhibit symptoms similar to drunkenness, which can also make you more likely to fall. Find more about premises liability on our web page.