Safety tips for joggers

It’s a warm early summer evening, and you decide to go for a jog. It’s a way to burn off the stress of a day of work and get yourself into better shape.

It could also be a way to inadvertently put yourself in significant danger. Joggers are injured and killed by cars every year. Here are some tips you can use to avoid an accident.

Run like you’re invisible.

You may have the right of way, and you may see all of the cars, but never assume those drivers have spotted you. Act like no one sees you and be extra careful so that you’re already prepared when a driver really doesn’t see you.

Run toward vehicles.

Even if you’re on the sidewalk, it can be a good idea to run toward the cars coming up the street. This way, if a distracted driver swerves off the road, you see that hazard before you’re hit. With cars at your back, you may have no reaction time.

Don’t turn on the music.

Running can get boring, and the temptation to listen to music is real. Most people give in. However, it’s a distraction and it prevents you from hearing traffic – or a horn – meaning it can increase the risk.

Understand high-risk areas and watch out for them.

For example, drivers who are pulling out of a driveway may be less likely to see you, especially when turning left, because they’re so focused on watching for a break in traffic.

Jogging Safety Tips

If you are hit, your injuries could be severe; it may be your first and last run of the summer. Be sure you know your legal options if you believe you’re entitled to compensation.

Source: Runners World, “11 Tips for Staying Safe on the Roads,” Jennifer Van Allen, accessed May 10, 2017