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What are the risks of a swimming pool?

Warm weather means spending a lot of time in the water. Whether you have a backyard pool or visit the local one, this favorite summer pastime comes with many dangers. Water safety cannot be stressed enough, especially with younger children, but drowning is only one of the risks that come with swimming pool use. It…

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Why seniors are more prone to falling

As a senior living in Maryland, you face elevated fall risks that make you more likely than those in the general population to fall and suffer a serious injury. As you age, you become increasingly prone to falling, and there are numerous factors that contribute to this rise. At Greenblatt & Veliev, LLC, we recognize…

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Seven steps to take if you are the victim of a pedestrian crash

A pedestrian was critically injured earlier this month when he was hit by a drunk driver in Wheaton. The man was struck by the car while he was walking across the entrance to a driveway. The 25-year-old driver was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol. According to the Maryland Department of Health and Mental…

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Cellphone use while driving: Dangerous and illegal in Maryland

Today’s smartphones allow people to do all sorts of things on the go. This can be both a blessing and a curse. On the negative side, individuals might decide to use their smartphone at times were their attention should be fully focused on what they are doing. One situation in which this can have particularly…

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Personal injury protection: 4 FAQs on what you need to know

Personal injury protection was probably one of the sections of your car insurance policy you glossed over as you clicked your way through to “total due.” But what is it all about? Personal injury protection is a type of supplemental insurance that provides coverage regardless of who was at fault for an accident. Here are…

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Safety tips for joggers

It’s a warm early summer evening, and you decide to go for a jog. It’s a way to burn off the stress of a day of work and get yourself into better shape. It could also be a way to inadvertently put yourself in significant danger. Joggers are injured and killed by cars every year.…

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Do higher speed limits increase fatal accident stats?

CAR ACCIDENT FATALITY RATES If you look at car accident fatality statistics in recent years, they’ve gone down. Over the last 20 years, this trend is clear. There are fewer fatalities, in large part because cars have gotten safer, so people are more likely to live through accidents. Fatal Car Accident Rates Have Gone Down,…

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Fatal Accident Also Leaves 3 Injured In Maryland

FATAL MARYLAND CAR ACCIDENT Four people were riding in a vehicle that crashed in Maryland. The driver and one passenger were from New York. Two passengers, a man and a child, were from North Carolina. The New York man driving the car survived the crash, as did the child and the man from North Carolina.…

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