How can I keep kids safe on a trampoline?

If you own a trampoline in Maryland, the chances are good that you are pretty popular with the neighborhood kids. However, with ownership comes great responsibility. According to the Mayo Clinic, backyard trampolines are quite dangerous. The risks for injury mean you are liable if a child does suffer an injury when playing on your trampoline. That is why you must set rules to keep all children safe who come to jump.

You need to first be aware of the common injuries. Typically, sprains and broken bones are common. However, head injuries are also possible. These things often occur when a child falls off the trampoline onto the ground. To help ensure falls do not happen, your trampoline must have a safety net around it. It should also be as low to the ground as possible.

Another common injury is fingers or toes getting pinched by the springs. You can avoid this by using pads to fully cover the springs. Always check the pads to ensure they are in place before anyone uses the trampoline.

Always check your trampoline for wear and tear. Make a rule that nobody may be on it unless an adult is present. It is also to set an age limit and not allow any child under six years old to be on it. Restrict how many can jump at one time. One jumper at a time is the safest. Do not allow children to do flips or other stunts either. Always monitor activity and ensure everyone follows the rules. This information is for education and is not legal advice.