Greenblatt & Veliev, LLC obtained a $300,000 settlement for a client who was injured in a bicycle accident. They demanded and received the full policy limits from GEICO and settled the personal injury claim without taking the case to court.

At the time of the accident, the client was riding his bicycle with all safety gear and precautions. As he was passing a parked automobile, the driver opened his door. Our client flipped over the car door, smashing his face into the roadway. Upon initial medical evaluation, he was transported to the hospital for emergency care.

The client’s face was fractured into so many pieces that he required surgery to remove bone fragments from his eye socket and surrounding eye muscles. He sustained permanent scarring to his eye and face. He also had months in recovery re-learning how to use his eyelids and how to open and close his eye. Our client now faces a continuing lifetime risk of traumatic glaucoma.

Attorneys: Lonnie Greenblatt and Virginia Vile Tehrani

Paralegal: Saudy Montano

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