Cellphone Use While Driving: Dangerous & Illegal In Maryland

Today’s smartphones allow people to do all sorts of things on the go. This can be both a blessing and a curse. On the negative side, individuals might decide to use their smartphone at times were their attention should be fully focused on what they are doing. One situation in which this can have particularly severe consequences is when a person is behind the wheel.

Cellphones are a major contributor to distracted driving. Drivers who engage in distracted driving can end up causing severe auto accidents. So, encounters with a distracted driver sometimes lead to serious injuries, like spinal injuries, brain injuries, broken bones, internal injuries or amputations. Sadly, such encounters can even turn fatal.

In addition to being unsafe, cellphone use while driving is also against the law in Maryland. The state has a ban on handheld phone use while driving. Under the ban, it is illegal for drivers to do things like make a call, take a call, text, read email or send email using a handheld device. Fines can be issued for violations of this ban.

What can people in Maryland do when they have been harmed because another driver engaged in this illegal behavior? Taking legal action may be able to help such crash victims get the fair compensation they deserve. Speaking with skilled Maryland personal injury attorneys can help individuals harmed in distracted driving crashes in the state understand their legal rights and what particular actions are available to them to stand up for these rights.