Technology is pretty amazing. It has brought many things into your life that you probably feel you cannot live without. It is also working hard to keep you safe in Maryland. One of the ways that companies are using technology is in self-driving cars. The idea of a car that drives itself seems so futuristic, but they are on the roadways right now.

People are hesitant about self-driving cars for many reasons, but the main one is probably that they do not trust them to be safe. According to Forbes, that self-driving car myth is completely untrue. The reality is a self-driving car is much safer than you behind the wheel.

Perhaps the main reason is they lack the many faults of a human. They do not get distracted or lack a good reaction time. In addition, they learn from mistakes every single time. Every time a self-driving car goes out on the road, it not only learns on its own but the information it gathers teaches other self-driving cars, so it is community learning in a way. This is because the company gathers the information, analyzes it and uses it to update the program used by every car. So, even when a self-driving car has an accident, it becomes a learning event. It makes the car better in the future. This is not true about human drivers.

Another point is there is never a novice self-driving car. After the first car hit the road, all other cars had experience gathered from the other car. This reduces risk a lot because novice drivers are one of the biggest risks on the road.

Add these things up and it is easy to see just how safe self-driving cars are and how much safer they are than human drivers. This information is for education and is not legal advice.