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March 2019 Archives

Stranded: Tips for staying safe in a vehicle

More often than not, when people are involved in a car accident in Maryland, it is witnessed by others who are driving around the victims. Usually, more than one person is able to alert authorities and help is on its way within a matter of minutes. However, there are also incidents when people crash and are stranded or their vehicle becomes disabled and they are not near anyone. If no one has seen what has happened, the victims may be left to find a way out and get help themselves. 

What contributes to premise liability incidents?

In Maryland, there are laws in place meant to keep people like you from being harmed while you are on someone else's property. This could be a friend's house, or even public property like a grocery store. So what dangers should you be on the lookout for? Greenblatt & Veliev, LLC, is here to list some of the most common ones.

Volvo will cap its new cars' speed to 112 mph

Volvo is not known for designing sports cars, as much it is an automotive brand recognized for safety. Their slogan, “For Life” emphasizes the carmaker’s focus on safety and security for customers. Now the Swedish brand is taking it one step farther by capping the top speed on their vehicles.

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