The top accident cause is failing to stay in the lane

People gawk at accidents as they go by because they're trying to figure out what happened. They're also trying to see how bad the accident really is. Though gawking on the highway can be dangerous on its own, it is important to understand how and why accidents happen, so data was compiled to see why most crashes take place.

Leading Cause of Car Accidents

The top reason varies from state to state, but, in most states, it is simple: failure to stay in the right lane.

This is true in Maryland and surrounding states like New York, New Jersey, Virginia and West Virginia.

Other top causes include not yielding the right of way, driving on the wrong side of the street and careless or reckless driving.

Failure To Stay In Lane Could Be Caused by Drunk Driving

One thing to note about this study, at least this portion of it, is that it is just looking at the reason the vehicle crashed at the moment that it did so, not the reason that such a mistake was made by the driver. So there could be other causes at the same time, such as drunk driving or distracted driving.

Distracted Driving Causes Drivers To Leave Lane

For example, a driver in Maryland could be reading a text message while driving down the highway. With his or her eyes on the cellphone, the driver could drift into the other lane and cause an accident. While distracted driving certainly caused that crash, the most basic reason for it is just that the driver failed to stay in the right lane.

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