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Motorcycles are an enjoyable and efficient type of transformation. However, motorcycles are considerably more dangerous to drive than other standard vehicles. Recently, Joseph Jones was killed while driving northbound on Interstate 270. He was driving at high speed when he made an attempt to cross all four lanes and collided with a guardrail. He was thrown from his bike and rendered unconscious. By the time aid arrived, he was dead.

While many motorcycle enthusiasts can enjoy a full life time of riding their bikes, many others do not. To get as many miles out of your bike as possible, it is important that you understand why accidents happen and how to lower the risk of them from happening to you.

Common causes of motorcycle accidents

There is good news. The reasons for the majority of motorcycle accidents in Rockville are easily avoidable. Studies show that as high as 48% of fatal accidents occurred because the motorcycle operator was speeding. Another 42% of accidents occurred because alcohol was involved. Cutting those two aspects out of your rides makes your survival chances dramatically higher.

Even with those two factors taken out, motorcycles can still be extremely dangerous. There are a few more ways you can ensure your safety while riding to avoid Rockville motorcycle accidents.

Only buy as much bike as you can handle

Motorcycles can be wild rides, especially if you have not ridden one for an extended period. Bikes today are much stronger and faster than the ones produced ten years ago, so you may want to start out easy and work your way up.

Whether you are an experienced motorcycle rider or a novice, the first thing to look for on a bike is to make sure that it fits your body. While seated on the motorcycle, you should be able to put both feet flat on the ground, and the handle bars and controls should be easy for you to reach. You should also be able to get on and off the center stand of the bike with ease. If the bike feels too heavy, it likely is. A small bike with between 250-300 cc is a good commuter bike. If you plan on doing a significant amount of highway riding, you may want to shoot for 500-750 cc so you can keep up with traffic.

Get comfortable riding a motorcycle

You understanding how to ride your bike is the most important part of staying safe. A motorcycle could be the pinnacle of safety measures, and it still would not prevent you from getting hurt if you are unfamiliar with how to properly operate it. Most places in the United States have motorcycle riding courses that are sponsored by the motorcycle safety foundation. These courses are a superb way to get comfortable with you bike, as well as the core and advanced techniques required to operate it. Completion of the course may also get you an insurance discount.

Wear a helmet

Many riders do not like the idea of wearing a helmet while on their bike. However, helmets have proven time and time again to save the lives of motorcycle drivers in the event of an accident. Motorcyclists that wear helmets have their risk for brain injury cut by a third compared to an operator without a helmet. The best choice in helmets is a full-face helmet that has been approved by the department of transportation. It will have a sticker of approval on it before you purchase it. Helmets do not last forever and should be replaced every five years.

On the topic of wearing the proper safety equipment, street clothes are not the best choice for bike riding safety. The optimal riding gear is a full load out in either leather or reinforced cloth.

Drive intelligently

Many safe driving habits work for both cars and bikes. Some of these habits are:

  • Drive defensively: If everyone drove defensively, the number of accidents that occurred on the road would reduce dramatically. However, bikes need to be extra defensive due to the lack of safety features on their bike, as well as how difficult it can be to see them on the road.
  • Avoid inclement weather: Bad weather can increase the chances of an accident in any vehicle. Rain can decrease the amount of traction between an automobile and the road, especially if the automobile only has two wheels to keep traction.
  • Watch for hazards: The road is not always a safe place. Often hazards in the road can seriously danger a cars ability to drive. However, a danger in the road can easily kill a motorcycle operator.

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