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If you’re new to motorcycles, one of the first things you should know is that vehicles that are turning left are one of the biggest hazards you have on the road. These accidents are quite common, hard to avoid – and sometimes impossible – and they can be deadly for those on a bike.


The way this usually happens is simple: You’re going in one direction, in your lane, and a car or truck is coming toward you in the other lane. That vehicle slows down and turns left, crossing into your lane right at the moment when you should be passing each other. Your lane is completely blocked and you slam into the side of the turning vehicle at full speed.

There are ways to avoid left turn crashes, such as laying the bike down, swerving off the road, or swerving into the oncoming lane, but all of them still cause an accident and can be just as dangerous.

In many cases, light bikes can’t stop fast enough and riders may not even have time to react.

Why does this happen so often?

There are the traditional reasons, like drunk driving and distracted driving, but the biggest one is that drivers often just don’t see the bike since it is so small. They may even wait for opposing traffic and then think they have a break when the motorcycle is coming through. This can make it hard for bikers to predict the danger, as they simply see the vehicle waiting and think they’ll be safe, only to have it cross into the lane in front of them.

Rockville Motorcycle Accident Attorney

An accident like this is typically the fault of the turning driver. If you’ve been seriously hurt or if a loved one has died, you may want to seek compensation from that driver. As noted, even a prepared rider cannot always avoid a collision.

Source: Motorcycle Central, “How to Avoid Left Turn Collisions,” accessed Oct. 03, 2016


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