How Do I Know If I Have a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Just because you got injured in an accident doesn't certainly mean that you can file a personal injury lawsuit. The time just after you have been injured in an accident is often stressful and confusing. You simply cannot go and file a personal injury claim lawsuit. Not all accidents form a valid personal injury lawsuit. You should consult your case with a personal injury attorney to know whether you can file a personal injury case or not.

Personal Injury Lawsuit

Every personal injury case is different, but there are some elements which are common in personal injury cases. In order to file a personal injury lawsuit, your accident has to fulfill certain criteria.

There are many categories of personal injury cases, including but not limited to slip and fall accidents, dog bite accidents, road accidents, medical malpractice, pharmacy negligence, accidents occurred due to defective products, pedestrian accidents and wrongful death accidents. In case, you or your near one gets injured because of negligence of another person or party, then you have to show up with evidences and witnesses to prove the negligence. After that you will be able to recover the compensation for medical bills, property damages and lost wages.


The responsible party was negligent:

You will have to prove that your accident has occurred because the defendant has broken the rules. For example: Breaking signal, ignoring sign board, driving wrong side, not providing standard medical care etc.

The negligence caused personal injury:

After proving the negligence, you will have to prove that you got severe injuries because of negligence. You are not going to get compensated unless you show that your injuries are serious. For that you will need a doctor's statement, medical bills etc.

The injury resulted in the harm:

You will have to prove that accident has resulted physical, mental and financial harm to you and your family.

Personal injury laws are complicated and change state to state. You should consider hiring a personal injury lawyer from a reputable personal injury law firm to win the deserving amount of money.