Fall brings the risk of deer collisions to motorcyclists in MD

For many motorcycle riders, fall is the ideal season to ride. The overbearing heat and humidity of summer are past and cooler days can make wearing protective gear like helmets, leather jackets, chaps and motorcycle boots seem less of a burden. Heading out from Rockville to ride through the surrounding countryside, with farms and woods as the colors change can be a great way to spend a weekend afternoon.

Seasonal Hazards for Motorcycle Riders

But, as all riders know, every motorcycle ride comes with risks. There is constant need to watch other drivers on the road. You never know when some unobservant driver, safely ensconced in thousands of pounds of steel in their car or truck, will negligently pull out in front of your cycle from a side street, parking lot or another road.

And you always need to be alert for left-turning drivers, who may not see or recognize your cycle and turn right in front of you, leading to a devastating crash, catastrophic injuries or a wrongful death.

Deer A Serious Danger for Motorcyclists

This time of year, you also need to be especially alert for deer, as they become more active, aggressive and unpredictable during the mating season.

They also are searching for food prior to the onset of winter and can be present along those picturesque country roads, often foraging in farm fields.

If you ride early in the morning or are out near dusk, you should carefully scan the sides of the road, watching for movement. If you see one deer, slow down, as there are likely more around and you want to give yourself time to brake should they suddenly dart across the highway.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney

While drivers of other vehicles can afford to hit the deer, protected as they are, on a motorcycle, striking a deer at highway speeds would likely cause a fatal crash. Riding defensively is your best defense.