Driving without glasses increases accident risks by four times

Car Accidents Related To Driving Without Glasses

You're in a hurry to meet up with friends and you can't find your glasses. You've spent the morning reading, and you don't need your glasses for that, but they do help when you drive. Still, with one eye on the clock, you run out the door without them and jump in the car.

Is it really a big deal? Your eyesight isn't that bad, and it's just one trip.

Is it actually a risk to drive without your glasses?

Driving without glasses is absolutely risky, according to one study.

It found that a driver without his or her glasses on was four times more likely to crash than a driver who put on the glasses before getting behind the wheel.

Overall, the study found that about 20 percent of drivers had crashed in the last 24 months. But, when the stats were adjusted to include only people who decided not to put on their glasses, a full 70 percent had crashed in that same time-frame.

Even though the risk is clear, the study found that 25 percent of people said they rarely put on their glasses in the car, even when those glasses were required. One out of four drivers put others in danger. Plus, a full 40 percent claimed they hadn't even had their eyes tested in over two years. That means that many of the drivers who did put on their glasses could still have been impaired, driving without the right prescription.

Rockville Car Accident Lawyer

Now that you know the risk, it's important to consider your rights if you're hit and injured by a driver who was supposed to wear glasses and neglected to do so.

Source: Select Specs, "Drivers 4 Times More Likely to Have Accident When Not Wearing Glasses Driving," accessed March 24, 2017