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There are few things as convenient as being able to call an uber from your smart phone. However, problems can arise when an accident occurs, and an Uber driver is behind the wheel. If you are injured in a crash while in an Uber car, you can sue Uber for the damages that occurred to you. Whether Uber was at fault or not, you are legally able to bring a lawsuit against them and any other plausibly responsible parties so that you can receive compensation for any pain and suffering, medical care, and any other damages that may have occurred while riding with an Uber driver.

A court case involving Uber functions identically to any other court case involving a car accident. The two things that a victim must prove to win their lawsuit is that they were injured badly enough to need compensation and that the individual or company that they are suing was somehow liable for the accident. For Uber car accidents, there are two likely scenarios for how the accident occurred. The two scenarios are either your driver, or another driver caused the accident.

How the law suit works if the Uber driver caused the accident

In this scenario, it is possible to file a law suit against the Uber driver. However, it will likely be impossible to collect any damages from them because their insurance will probably not cover them while they are driving commercially. Driving commercially does include carrying passengers for a fee. Luckily, that is not the end of the story for men and women injured while riding with Uber. Uber has a one-million-dollar insurance policy for every driver once they accept a ride request on the Uber app. The policy is in effect until the moment that the transaction is completed on the app or when the trip is complete. Because Uber has their substantial insurance coverage, any injuries that occur due to the negligence of an Uber driver should be covered by Uber’s insurance policy. However, they may resist paying you your damages for a plethora of reasons. If that is the case, you likely will have to file a lawsuit against them to receive the damages you deserve.

The legal proceedings if another driver was at fault for the accident

If an accident occurs because of the other driver’s negligence, their insurance will be responsible for the damages. Many states require drivers to have a minimum amount of insurance, and that will be where the compensation for the damages will come. However, many drivers may not follow the law and drive without insurance any ways. Also, often the minimum amount of coverage on a policy may not be enough to cover any serious injury or death that occurs because of the accident. In those scenarios, you will not be able to collect enough, or any, damages from the driver responsible for the crash. Again, if the story ended there, it would look unpleasant for the Uber customer. However, Uber also retains insurance specifically for accidents that occur with uninsured drivers. The coverage is also one-million-dollars and works during the same time frame as the other insurance. So even if a car accident occurred with an uninsured driver, a passenger would still be able to receive damages from the Uber insurance policy.

What types of damages can be recovered in a car accident involving Uber?

You can be given a great many different kinds of damages from a car crash. They include:

  • Compensation for physical pain and suffering, physical impairment, or mental anguish
  • Health care expenses such as hospital and rehabilitation bills
  • Economic losses due to the accident, such as lost wages, income or salary, and property damages, as well as the loss of any future income that is a result of the injury.
  • Punitive damages
  • Wrongful death (if brought by the family of the deceased)

Car Accident Attorney in Rockville

It is imperative to remember that just because Uber carries insurance coverage up to one million dollars for injuries that occur because of the negligence of their drivers or the negligence of other drivers, it does not mean you will receive the full one million dollars as compensation. Every insurance company will seek to deny or limit claims as fiercely as possible. It is possible that Uber will attempt to avoid paying you altogether. If that should happen, you will need to gather the best legal team possible to fight for your claim. If you need help fighting a lawsuit with Uber, call our office. Let our team of trained and experienced personal injury lawyers in Rockville fight for the compensation you deserve.


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