Car Maintenance and Car Accidents Related

You know the inconvenience of having a car break down, so you do the proper maintenance. You fix parts when they wear out, you have oil changes done regularly, you replace and top off fluids and you keep the right amount of air in your tires.

At the same time, you've seen poorly-maintained vehicles driving around Rockville. Cars go by looking like they're about to fall apart, rattling and squealing as the engine runs, and you can't help but think it's only a matter of time before the car gives up the ghost.

However, can this actually be a danger to other drivers?

Can someone who doesn't do maintenance on his or her car cause an accident?

Accidents Linked To Poor Vehicle Maintenance

Absolutely. According to some studies, thousands of accidents are linked to poor vehicle maintenance. The costs that stem from these wrecks come in at more than $2 billion per year.

It's easy to imagine how even simple things can lead to a crash. A driver puts off getting new tires and has a blowout on the interstate, veering across the lanes and slamming into oncoming traffic. A driver doesn't get the brake pads changed when they wear out and can't stop when traffic comes to a sudden halt, rear-ending another vehicle.

Rockville Car Accident Attorney

Doing your own maintenance on time is wise, but it doesn't mean you can avoid all of these accidents. If you're hit by another driver who has neglected his or her car and directly caused a crash because of this negligence, you need to know if you have a right to seek compensation.

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