Baltimore artist building shuttered for safety violations

Baltimore City Officials Concerned About Safety

Property owners and landlords have the duty to maintain the premises of their properties to ensure the safety of the occupants and others who come and go legally on the grounds. When they fail to uphold those duties, tragedies can result, as witnessed recently in the devastating fire in Oakland, CA, where scores of tenants and partygoers perished in the inferno.

California fire has nationwide impact.

It seems as if the fallout from that deadly fire has reached all the way to Maryland, as just this week officials in Baltimore shuttered an artist gallery and workspace.

The Bell Foundry arts building, which is located in Baltimore's Station North's arts and entertainment district, was boarded up by city officials on Monday, allegedly due to safety violations.

Designated in 2002 to the Baltimore art community, the Bell Foundry has been a vibrant scene for local artists to work in studios and show their art in galleries.

According to media reports from the Baltimore Sun, dozens of artists were evicted after a complaint was lodged about the unsafe conditions present in the studios. After an inspection, the spokesman for the Baltimore Fire Department said that violations were found and that no valid permits were in place.

Building Shuttered Until Updated and Permitted

The spokesperson for the city housing department stated that tenants won't be allowed be allowed back in the building until it is brought up to code with the proper permits.

Obviously, no one in Maryland wants to experience a tragedy of the magnitude that occurred in California, so proactively closing a facility that has safety violations is a wise move.

Landlord Negligence Attorney in Maryland

Tenants or others who suffer injuries due to a landlord's negligence have the right to pursue compensation by filing a premises liability lawsuit in the Maryland civil courts.

Source: Insurance Journal, "Maryland Arts Building Shut Down for Safety Violations," Dec. 07, 2016