3 die, scores injured in 68-vehicle smash-up

68 Car Accident Caused By Slick Roads

Three people died in two collisions in the early morning hours of Dec. 17 on I-95 in Baltimore. The ice-slick roads caused a 68-car smash-up that claimed two of the victims, as reported by the Maryland Transportation Authority Police.

It will likely take months for investigators to conclude their findings of the causes of the two wrecks. The larger of the two occurred between the Washington Boulevard exit and Caton Avenue on the elevated northbound stretch of road.

Icy Roadway Conditions Cause Major Accident

One man died trying to avoid being crushed by an oncoming vehicle in the pile-up. He bounded over a jersey wall by Eastern Avenue, falling to his death.

A man driving a tanker truck died after his truck exploded when he slammed into the jersey wall, toppled over the elevated expressway and burst into flames below on the railroad tracks. The fatal accident involving the driver for Carroll Independent Fuel Co. was caught on a witness's cellphone video.

Both Accidents Likely Related

A lieutenant with MdTA said that while the fatal tanker accident is considered a separate accident under investigation, it is likely related to the weather-related pile-up. He hypothesized that drivers coming upon the explosion and subsequent inferno from the tanker right where the road got slick was enough to cause a deadly distraction.

The director of emergency management for Baltimore suggested that the tanker driver may have intentionally flipped his rig over the jersey wall to avoid the catastrophic scene that could have resulted from him slamming into the chain of stopped passenger vehicles.

True Liability of Accidents Unknown

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Source: The Baltimore Sun, "Officials release names of two of three killed in icy I-95 accidents," Kevin Rector, Dec. 19, 2016